Trans and Genderqueer SF & Fantasy: Some Slides from Philly

The novelist Rachel Gold and I gave a delightful (and well-attended!) talk at Philly Trans Health this weekend about trans, genderqueer and gender-variant characters and societies in science fiction and fantasy.

Here (as promised) are all the slides (as a PDF) and most of the reading list, from the Violet Fairy Book to Rachel Pollack and Carla Speed McNeil. Let us know what we should add if we give it again! If you’re having trouble downloading it from this site, try Rachel’s.

(Also, Philly Trans Health is great. It’s only intermittently about literature and culture; it is entirely about how to help trans and genderqueer and gender-variant people lead and repair and improve our lives. If that’s an interest of yours– whether or not you identify as trans* yourself– consider attending in 2015; and if you are reading this page because you were at the conference, don’t forget to check out the trans and genderqueer poets in Troubling the Line.)

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  1. I was glad to see you included Ozma of Oz in your talk on trans fantasy. If you don’t know L. Frank Baum’s non-Oz fantasy John Dough and the Cherub, I recommend it. The Cherub of the title is a child whose gender is never identified. The Cherub wears unisex pyjamas throughout the story. The book is recently back in print from Hungry Tiger Press, but if you just want the text, it’s in the public domain so can be downloaded from project gutenberg.


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